Bartolo Musil started composing as a child, experienced the premiere of large-scale works already in his teenage years, studied at the Music University in Vienna, and has won several international awards. Since the successful premiere of his Stabat Mater at the Konzerthaus in Vienna he has written commissioned works for the Musikverein Vienna, the festival Carinthischer Sommer, and other notable venues. Some of his work has been recorded on CD, and broadcasted on radio and TV.


In recent years, Bartolo Musil’s activity as a composer increasingly coalesces with his work as a singer. For instance, he has interpreted his own compositions at the Great Radio Hall of the ORF, at the Carinthischer Sommer, or the Trivium festival.


In addition to his work as a singer and composer, Bartolo Musil does artistic research, and has been appointed as a professor by the University Mozarteum in Salzburg.


Together with librettist Susanne Felicitas Wolf, he develops a music theater work for young people on the topic of the climate catastrophe.